Cayden’s Blog Post-Famous Footballers

Were going to start with the premier league


In this blog I’m going to choose my top favourite footballers

deli ali

Deli Ali Dabbing (Google)

because he can be technical on the ball and very skillful!

 Harry Kane

I like Kane because he’s a top finisher and he’s a poacher when it comes to shooting!





Gareth Bale when he played for Spurs. Maradona



Grace’s Music Blog

Hi guys!!!

One of my favourite things to do is listen to pop music. My favourite band is Little Mix and my favourite solo artist is Zara Larsson,but  also like Jess Glynne. I like the song Wings by Little Mix, but my favourite has got to be Touch. There is a list of all Little Mix songs on their website. Leigh-Anne was born in High Wycombe, on 4th October 1991.

Zara Larsson was born in Sweden on 16th December 1997. I like her song Symphony, and also Lush Life. She has collaborated with Tinie Tempah and Clean Bandit, as well as many others. There is a discography of all her songs on Wikipedia.

Jess Glynne has had many singles in the Top 10 on the Official Chart. She was born in Hampstead on 20th October 1989. Her songs include Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself and Hold My Hand.

Another one of my favourites is Louisa Johnson. Louisa Johnson was born in Thurrock in January, 1998. She was on the X Factor in 2015-2016. She has collaborated with Clean Bandit in the song Tears. Another song by Louisa Johnson is Forever Young.

Please post in the comments section who your favourite solo artist/band is!!!!Image result for little mix

Iffahs blog – Animals!


Giant Pandas! because they are very cute and cuddly creatures  with black and white thick fur here are a few facts about pandas!.

Panda facts : Pandas are known as black and white bears found in the wild in china these magnificent mammals are omnivores who eat small animals as well as a lot of bamboo!they are known to eat bamboo all twelve hours of the day they weigh up to about 75-135 kg  and are 4 – 5 feet tall  giant pandas are loners and they hate being near other pandas if they get too close to one another they will start growling and biting each other.

tell me in the comments what your favorite wild animals are!

HERE IS A PICTURE OF A GIANT PANDA (isnt it adorable!)

panda pic

KITTENS these are my absolute most favorite animals as they are very cute as i also have one of my own!


Youtube -By Chloe

YouTube is a sociable website where people can post videos world wide. People post videos on very different and unique topics. For example people post music videos, skits, , vines, family videos, gaming, makeup tutorials and many many more topics.


Some Youtuber names you might be familiar with are KSI, Miranda Sings, Zoella and Pointlessblog and many more.

Youtubers (Gazette Review)


  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet.
  • The First YouTube Video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, featuring its co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.
  • YouTube was founded by 3 former employees of PayPal.
  • In October 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stocks, just18 months after YouTube’s creation. Karim received $66 million in Google stock, Chen received $310 million, and Hurley received $334 million.b
  • The first month after its creation, YouTube had 3 million visitors. The number of visitors tripled by the third month (February 2006), and then tripled again by July to 30 million visitors.
  • By the end of the site’s first year, the number of visitors reached over 3YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google (bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask combined)8 million.

ksithatch joe

Some people post try not to laugh videos for people to enjoy.This is another style of youtube vidios

This is another genre of youtube video

This is a clean version of KSI and P/money singing Lamborghini

The Magnificent Horses – By Christiana

Hi! My name is Christiana. Today I am going to be showing you different type of horses you can find around the world.

                          Different Breeds

arabian horse christiana 5sg
The Arabian Horse

The Arabic horse is one of the most expensive and beautiful horse on the planet. It is rarely found in places like the dessert.

                          Facts About Horses

  1. Horses have at least 205 bones in their skeleton.
  2. Between 600 and 1500 AD , heavy horses began to be used on the land.
  3. They were economically important by the 18th century.
  4. Domestic horses have a lifespan of around 25 years.

Ronaldo ,hazard blog – by kyle

Eden-Hazard-1cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-european-golden-shoe_3443138where talking about Ronaldo he has won loads of cups. he is a talented player and has loads skill, he is really fast. Ronaldo is the best player in Realmadrid


 , and Portagol. loads of people think hes    won of the best players, even i do.

Ronaldo was poor when he was a child so he started to play football in his spare time.

when he was 22,his father died. hazard is really talented he is the best in Chelseahazard

pokemon founded by Yacoub


pokemon was origanally going to be called monsters in my pocket.

soon there was going to be a new pokemon game called pokemon stars for the nintendo switch.its based off of pokemon sun and moon however with more favourite pokemon are reshiram and mew.pokemon is currently the second best selling game franchise only behind mario.Image result for mew

Image result for pikachucurrently there are 7 generations of the first generation,there were 151 pokemon. in November there will be a new game called pokemon ULTRA sun and ULTRA moon(very creative)along with a game called pokken tournament DX(their creativity is on fire).Image result for pokeball gifs(you when you cant sleep,face it that is a perfect description)

now time for a spot the difference

Image result for yungoos trump

did you spot one?if yes then you cheated because there aren’t any.

pokemon is child friendly.proof of that is a quote from one of the main characters.

Image result for get in the bag nebby

i mean there’s nothing wrong nothing bad about forcing an innocent creature into your doesn’t get much child friendlier than that.

Image result for pokemon according to my mom

Joys blog-Clash of Clans

One of my favorite game is Clash of Clash.Clash So on this page your gonna know more facts about Clash of Clans

Clash of Clan is an online battling game you can add friends, join clans and also do clan battles.If your wondering what a clan battle is when you and your clan mates battle other clan mates.Before you join a clan you have to build a clan castle but it does get destroyed but if you win a battle you get  bonuses like 20 000 elixer or 20 000 coins or more it depends what type of base you raid.If you don’t want to battle online(not other people and loose trophies) you can battle goblins and whenever you battle goblins you do earn more trophies and coins but the harder it is the more coins you get.

On clash of  clans you would want to secure your base so its much more harder for your enemies to raid your base.After you secure your base people would raid your base so you will have to place some defence for examples you could place some cannons or mortar or balloon so you can explode other peoples troops.

Wirzard rabbit.gifcfc

So clash of clans is updating and the new feature has a boat and on the boat you will travel to a new island and in the island is literally the same things when you download it and your new to it . So basically you have 2 island and you can choose either.Also there is now hog rider which r just a pig and a man is on top of it with a big hamer and it hits the tower.



OverWatch by Alex

Reaper_deathblossom.gifHi this blog will tell you about this fantastic game called Over watch. In this game you can play as 24 different characters. My Favorite Hero is Reaper. Reaper can teleport and turn invincible for a few seconds. Also he has 2 shotguns and when he uses his ultimate he spins round firing his guns. This game was released on 24th May 2016. My second favorite hero is mei. You can find the rest of the heroes on the overwatch website.


ice mei
mei as an ice cube