Iffahs blog – Animals!


Giant Pandas! because they are very cute and cuddly creatures  with black and white thick fur here are a few facts about pandas!.

Panda facts : Pandas are known as black and white bears found in the wild in china these magnificent mammals are omnivores who eat small animals as well as a lot of bamboo!they are known to eat bamboo all twelve hours of the day they weigh up to about 75-135 kg  and are 4 – 5 feet tall  giant pandas are loners and they hate being near other pandas if they get too close to one another they will start growling and biting each other.

tell me in the comments what your favorite wild animals are!

HERE IS A PICTURE OF A GIANT PANDA (isnt it adorable!)

panda pic

KITTENS these are my absolute most favorite animals as they are very cute as i also have one of my own!


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