Animal Jam-by Grace

bbAnimal Jam is an online multiplayer game created by National Geographic Kids and Wildworks. You can choose an animal to be. (If you’re a non-member you can have 2 animals, if you’re a member you can have 1000. It’s a bit unfair, as you can see.) There are many animals to choose from, like the rabbit, seal, fox, horse, horse and goat. There are also some animals that you can only buy for a certain amount of time, and once they’re gone, you can never buy them again. They are the Spring Bunny and the Snowflake Arctic Wolf. !! Each animal costs either 1000 gems, 5 diamonds or 10 diamonds. Gems and diamonds are the currency on Animal Jam, and there’s also carnival tickets to use at the Summer Carnival. It’s a bit strange too, because your animals can have pets!There are many things that your animal can do, such as customize their own house, called a den, create a fashionable look and attend parties.

animal jam jumping goat look at these adorable animal jam animals dont you think they are cute well i dont think the polar bear is not really cute but he’s ok

animal jam polar bear dance tavie animal jam

Lots of people think Animal Jam is the BEST GAME EVER well you gotta admit it is a really really really really good game :-).And guess what if your friends play ANIMAL JAM you could meet them and hang out with them which i think is cool.Also news comes out every 15 days


3 thoughts on “Animal Jam-by Grace”

  1. could you please write your comments down and say if you like our blog and if it gave you any info or if it persuaded you to play animal jam-Natalia and Grace


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