Ronaldo ,hazard blog – by kyle

Eden-Hazard-1cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-european-golden-shoe_3443138where talking about Ronaldo he has won loads of cups. he is a talented player and has loads skill, he is really fast. Ronaldo is the best player in Realmadrid


 , and Portagol. loads of people think hes    won of the best players, even i do.

Ronaldo was poor when he was a child so he started to play football in his spare time.

when he was 22,his father died. hazard is really talented he is the best in Chelseahazard


pokemon founded by Yacoub


pokemon was origanally going to be called monsters in my pocket.

soon there was going to be a new pokemon game called pokemon stars for the nintendo switch.its based off of pokemon sun and moon however with more favourite pokemon are reshiram and mew.pokemon is currently the second best selling game franchise only behind mario.Image result for mew

Image result for pikachucurrently there are 7 generations of the first generation,there were 151 pokemon. in November there will be a new game called pokemon ULTRA sun and ULTRA moon(very creative)along with a game called pokken tournament DX(their creativity is on fire).Image result for pokeball gifs(you when you cant sleep,face it that is a perfect description)

now time for a spot the difference

Image result for yungoos trump

did you spot one?if yes then you cheated because there aren’t any.

pokemon is child friendly.proof of that is a quote from one of the main characters.

Image result for get in the bag nebby

i mean there’s nothing wrong nothing bad about forcing an innocent creature into your doesn’t get much child friendlier than that.

Image result for pokemon according to my mom

Joys blog-Clash of Clans

One of my favorite game is Clash of Clash.Clash So on this page your gonna know more facts about Clash of Clans

Clash of Clan is an online battling game you can add friends, join clans and also do clan battles.If your wondering what a clan battle is when you and your clan mates battle other clan mates.Before you join a clan you have to build a clan castle but it does get destroyed but if you win a battle you get  bonuses like 20 000 elixer or 20 000 coins or more it depends what type of base you raid.If you don’t want to battle online(not other people and loose trophies) you can battle goblins and whenever you battle goblins you do earn more trophies and coins but the harder it is the more coins you get.

On clash of  clans you would want to secure your base so its much more harder for your enemies to raid your base.After you secure your base people would raid your base so you will have to place some defence for examples you could place some cannons or mortar or balloon so you can explode other peoples troops.

Wirzard rabbit.gifcfc

So clash of clans is updating and the new feature has a boat and on the boat you will travel to a new island and in the island is literally the same things when you download it and your new to it . So basically you have 2 island and you can choose either.Also there is now hog rider which r just a pig and a man is on top of it with a big hamer and it hits the tower.



OverWatch by Alex

Reaper_deathblossom.gifHi this blog will tell you about this fantastic game called Over watch. In this game you can play as 24 different characters. My Favorite Hero is Reaper. Reaper can teleport and turn invincible for a few seconds. Also he has 2 shotguns and when he uses his ultimate he spins round firing his guns. This game was released on 24th May 2016. My second favorite hero is mei. You can find the rest of the heroes on the overwatch website.


ice mei
mei as an ice cube

Alishah – Roblox

roblox picRoblox is a website that you can play, you can make a username and a passward but it dosent have to be your real name or you can play as a guest  so you can choose a gam your choice  of but i like to play muderer mytery 2 so what you have to do in that game is you have to try and find the muderer but you have arrows to move you .So if the sherrif dies try and find the gun so you can kill the murderer. So when the murderer kills you or you kill the murderer everyone will return to a lobby that you see when you join . If you like to change your knife in the maps there are coins on the floor,if you get 200 coins you can open a box on the side of your character . When you exit the game you can edit your character or change your look.Guests2016 (1)


By Ahmed

Now where do I begin… Undertale 


One of the most phenomenon games in the world. It has a nice 8-bit quality and endlessly fun gameplay. It’s an RPG (Role Playing Game) with lot’s of puzzles and has a really fun battle system. So…

I  Also Made An Undertale Animation (WIP) Character above is used 🙂




Intro To Undertale

This is what the intro says:

“Long ago two races ruled over earth, humans and monsters. One day War broke between the two races. After a long battle the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters with a spell.” 

(Then your Character climbs the mountain where the monsters are trapped and you fall in the world of UNDERTALE.)

Now it’s your choice on how to finish the game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Normal Ending:

If you are new to Undertale this will probably be the ending you will find…



(If you want to see the fight then click the caption underneath the GIF)

This is what you have to face.

What happens is you have to fight the king (Asgore Dremurr) and then the little flower (Flowey, Flowey the Flower!) Takes the 6 human souls (The ones that fell and died before you came) and becomes this…


Now the fight is completely insane!!!

Fight Phase 1:

So the first thing you have to do is doge some bullets, some pellet some hand guns some Jacksepticeye worms then vines and a laser beems and some save states etc. (Not in this order) After this this, on the television screen it will say warning and a light blue soul will appear. then it turns black and you have to avoid knifes and touch the act sign which looks like this.

Act button

Touch it and select so then then it disappears then the knifes turn in to healing items. Collect as many as you can before you teleport to OMEGA FLOWEY!!! After the heart appears on the T.V then dodge gloves, get the act button… YATTA YATTA… Heal… YATTA YATTA… and so on (Only thing different with the six hearts is you dodge different things.)

Phase 2:

Once you get all the souls, they heal you to max HP and now you can attack…

Once again… OMEGA FLOWEY!!!

Then you can defeat him once and for all. (And NO. I don’t feel like spoiling the ending.)


Wow! I forgot to indtroduce the characters! Well, Here they are:



This the character who fell down the mountain. You play as it (No one knows it’s gender.) and it’s your choice what to do to the underground.


Toriel. This goat (Yes. It’s a goat.) guides you through the ruins. She is kind and gentle but if you decide to leave the ruins then she has some mean attacks.